Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With Little Kids on Easter

Celebrate the sunny spring weather and take your young child outside for an egg-cellent Easter activity. Whether you are having a small family celebration in the backyard or are throwing a bigger bash at a park or other green space, you can add excitement to the activities with holiday-themed crafts and games.

Bunny Creative Movement

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, by the preschool years -- starting at age 3 -- most kids can hop and stand on one foot for as many as five straight seconds. Play up this new little kid motor milestone by trying a creative movement activity this Easter. Take the kids outside, where there is plenty of open space, and get your little bunny hopping. Do a free-formed hop-fest or turn the hopping into a game. Try follow the leader Easter style with an adult in the front as the bunny and the kids in the back hopping along, do a bunny hop relay race or hopping tag.

Outdoor Crafts

Although crafts are typically an indoor activity, this Easter you can take your little one outside for a nature-inspired holiday project 2. Create a mosaic Easter egg on a piece of cutout cardboard -- draw and cut a large oval yourself before the crafting begins -- using flower petals and leaves. Have the kids paint the front of the cardboard with clear-drying school glue, and then cover the glue with the petals and leaves. Another option is to make an Easter bunny planter. This art activity focuses on an outdoor theme, allowing your child to fill her handmade planter with real dirt, flowers and seeds. Open the top of a used -- cleaned and dried -- school lunch-size milk carton. Help your child to cover the outside with pastel colored paper. Draw and cut out a bunny face. Have your child decorate the bunny with crayons and glue it to the front of the milk carton. Fill the carton almost to the top with soil and add either an Easter flower or a seed to grow.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

Turn the traditional egg hunt up a notch. Create an Easter scavenger hunt activity to make egg hunting extra interesting. Hide the eggs around your yard, or a park, near landmarks such as a climber, patio flower pot or tree. Create easy-to-follow picture clues that will help the kids find the eggs. For example, if you hide an egg under a large oak tree, take a picture of one of the leaves and glue it to an index card. The kids can take their picture clues around the outdoor area, gathering the eggs on their way.

Natural Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is often a messy proposition. Instead of accidentally dyeing your living room rug, take the holiday activity outdoors. Set up a coloring area on a picnic table or in a grassy space. Fill plastic cups or buckets with food coloring and water to dye the eggs in. Another option is to try a natural dye. Instead of using the store-bought colors, opt for the purple-red that beet juice provides, turmeric powder and water for yellow or blueberries for blue. Add each ingredient to two cups of boiling water -- never allow your child to go near the boiling dye -- and simmer for about five minutes. Remove the pots and let the contents cool completely before taking it outside for your child to use.