Filtered Water for Babies

When it comes to providing your baby with food and drinks, make sure that you offer the safest and most nutritious options available. Using filtered water, or water that has had all of the impurities removed, can be beneficial in some situations. However, it is just as safe to use regular tap water or no extra drinking water at all.

Preparing Formula

If your baby drinks formula, using filtered water is not necessary for preparing it 3. indicates that tap water is fine to use for preparing formula if your local health departments say it is safe to drink 3. If your local water source is not safe, or if you are unsure of its safety, purchase filtered or distilled water to use instead.

Drinking Water

During the first four to six months of your baby's life, he does not need extra water to drink. According to, a website of the American Academy of Pediatrics, breast milk and formula are all that your baby needs at that age 1. Once he is introduced to solid foods, you can offer him water if he is thirsty in between feedings or warm during the summer months. You can choose to give your baby filtered water or water right from your faucet if it is safe for you to drink. Keep in mind that using water from your city’s source can also provide your baby with some fluoride, which can help prevent tooth decay in the future.


Keep in mind that buying filtered water or filtering tap water yourself with the use of an at-home filtration system is not the only way to give your baby pure water. You can also sterilize water by boiling it for about one minute, then cooling it down and using it within 30 minutes.


In addition to choosing safe water to give to your baby, follow the directions on your baby’s formula packaging to make sure your baby stays healthy. If you are unsure if you need to give your baby additional water, or don’t know about the safety of the water you have access to, talk to your baby’s doctor about your options. If you are purchasing filtered water in the store, read the labels carefully to make sure you aren’t giving your baby filtered water with any additional flavorings.