Family Leisure Activities

Families live in a very busy time 1. Adults and children alike face numerous demands in their over-scheduled lives. It may seem that there are too few hours in the day to accomplish all you want, but there is hope. Each time an experience is shared, the bond between all those involved grows stronger. Spending quality time with the kids is important, and it may be easier than you think. Family leisure activities can be as simple as watching a television show together or vacationing in Europe.


Take a walk or a hike together and experience your neighborhood, town or a nearby park, zoo or nature preserve. Take a family field trip, pack a picnic and just enjoy each other's company. While eating lunch, ask your kids about school, activities and friends. Tell them about your childhood and where you grew up. Talk about their grandparents, aunts and uncles. Tell them about the places you have visited and where you still want to go, with them of course. Teach your children how to dream.


Whether it's too hot or too cold, too wet or just one of those days you would prefer to stay in, there are still a lot of activities you can do indoors as a family, to enjoy each other. Watch a favorite movie, but instead of popcorn, make a large banana split for everyone to share. Play a board game or charades. Buy an inexpensive plastic trophy and the winner gets to keep it for a week until the next family night. If it's a weekend, have a sleepover in the living room complete with tent and sleeping bags. Tell spooky stores well into the night.

Cultural Activities

If your kids are older, make a day of it and visit a local art museum, children's museum or a botanical garden. Give each child one or two disposable cameras and let them take pictures of anything that catches their attention, if the facility allows it. Have a leisurely lunch or dinner afterwards and talk about your day. Have the pictures developed during the week and save them for another family night, where you can make a family scrap book together.

Share your Hobbies

If you or your children have a particular hobby, such as photography, arts and crafts, antiquing, visiting flea markets or collecting items such as football cards or coins, share the experience as a family. Visit a local arts and crafts fair, antique mart or flea market. It's amazing how sharing your hobby with your family can potentially become your child's passion.

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