Dinner Ideas for One Year Olds

One-year-old children want to put everything in their mouths, but aren’t really quite ready to eat the foods adults enjoy. Planning meals for those with little teeth and sensitive tummies can be frustrating. However, with the foods you already have in your fridge and pantry, there are some easy dinner options you can cook for your little one.

Macaroni and Cheese with Soft Steamed Veggies

Making homemade macaroni and cheese for a baby is easy. Plus, this meal will give your baby beneficial calcium, fat, vitamins and minerals. Begin by cooking some small elbow macaroni or small pasta shells until they are soft. Place a steam basket or metal colander on top of the macaroni pot and add vegetables. Some good vegetables for babies include cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and corn. You’ll know the vegetables are soft enough for your little one to eat when you can easily smash them between two of your fingers.

Make a cheese sauce by melting a half cup of grated cheddar or Colby-Jack cheese, a half cup of whole milk and 2 teaspoons of butter in a pot. Mix the cheese sauce with the pasta.

Baby’s Fried Rice

Make an inexpensive baby version of fried that will provide protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Begin by chopping half a hot dog into small pieces, and warming them in a pan. Remove the hot dogs from the pan and add a beaten egg. Scramble the egg and while it is still soft add the hot dogs along with some pre-cooked rice, soft peas and carrot piece. Your baby will enjoy the different textures of the food and the sweet and salty flavors.

Baby’s Shepherd Pie

To make a special version of shepherd’s pie for your one-year-old, mash potatoes with a bit of whole milk and 1. Cook ground beef and drain the excess fat. Cook a vegetable medley (peas, corn and chopped carrots) until soft. Add the potatoes and top with a sprinkle of grated cheddar cheese. Your baby will get a good serving of calcium, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Cottage Cheese and Vegetable Puree

For a quick dinner, boil vegetables until they are soft and puree them in a food mill or blender. Serve this with cottage cheese. To decrease the thickness of the puree, add small amounts of water or whole milk until it’s the consistency you desire. This dinner will provide your baby with calcium from the cottage cheese and milk, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables, and protein.

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