Difference Between Pixos & Aqua Dots

After the Aqua Dots recall scandal, Toronto-based toy company Spin Master released a similar toy with a new name, PixOs. PixOs are manufactured using new chemicals and a new production process that the company says makes the toy safer.

The Aqua Dots Recall

Aqua Dots (also called Bindeez Beads in Australia) are arts and crafts beads that bond together when sprayed with water. They became available at many major retail stores in April of 2007, and were recalled by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) in November of 2007, after several children swallowed some of the beads and became severely ill.

Aqua Dots Chemical Concerns

Aqua Dots contained a chemical that converts into the toxic "date rape" drug gamma-hydroxy butyrate (GHB) when metabolized. Many children who ingested the beads experienced vomiting and seizures, and became comatose. The drug can also cause hypotonia, a state in which your muscles become flaccid, and memory loss.

PixOs: A New Name

Like Aqua Dots, PixOs are also beads that bond together with water. Spin Master changed the name to help people distinguish between the old product and the new one, even though both toys work the same way.

PixOs Safety Testing

PixOs have undergone rigorous safety testing in the United States and have been approved by the CPSC and Health Canada. Although Spin Master strongly advises you to keep PixOs out of reach of pets and children under three, their safety tests indicate the beads will not cause harm if accidentally ingested.