Diapers for Bed-Wetting Girls

Bed-wetting is not a rare occurrence for many young children and it's something many parents have to deal with. According to KidsHealth -- bed-wetting, or nocturnal enuresis -- happens to many children younger than 6 years of age 4. Around 13 percent of kids who are 6, and 5 percent of those who are 10, still wet the bed sometimes. While this can mean more work for you as a parent, it can also cause embarrassment and guilt for your daughter. To prevent leaks during the night, products are designed for bed-wetting girls to wear to bed.

Cloth Diapers

Choosing cloth or disposable diapers might be something you already decided on when your daughter was a baby, but now you have a choice again 3. Cloth or disposable nighttime diapers 3? If you choose cloth diapers for nighttime it can save you money, since they can be used over and over again, and it reduces environmental waste. There are numerous types of cloth diapers to choose from for nighttime wear. Fitted diapers are more absorbent but some require a cover to be worn over them. For a heavy bed-wetter, you could go with a fitted diaper, along with a wool diaper over the top to prevent leaks from occurring, because wool diapers are known for being especially absorbent. Some nighttime diapers have a place to put an insert into them to make them even more absorbent.

Cloth Panties

If your daughter is older, consider a type of cloth panties or underpants. These waterproof underwear can be worn at night to absorb any accidents but can still be easily pulled down when your daughter needs to use the toilet. Most look just like regular underwear, so it can make your little girl feel more like a big girl when she wears them. This can be especially good for older girls who are embarrassed by having to wear something for bed-wetting.

Disposable Diapers

Choosing a disposable diaper for your daughter has some advantages. Disposable diapers are convenient for busy parents because you can just throw them away in the morning 3. They are also generally more absorbent than many cloth diapers and more fitting, preventing less leakage. You'll find a large selection of nighttime disposable diapers in stores, in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels to best suit your daughter 3.

Disposable Underpants

Again, older girls might be embarrassed by wearing a diaper to bed at night. Just like with the cloth nighttime underwear, your daughter could wear disposable protective underpants to bed at night to prevent leaks from accidents, but still be able to easily pull them down for using the bathroom. An assortment of sizes, types and absorbency levels are available in these, too. Some are even made specifically for girls, with girly designs, characters, colors and fit to make them more appealing to girls.

Tips for Reducing Bed-wetting

Understand that bed-wetting is not something in your child's control, so don't blame her. Instead, remain patient and be a good support for her. Establish a nighttime routine for your daughter. According to WebMD, creating and following a routine in the evening can be helpful for a child who wets her bed. Limit liquids in the evenings, avoiding beverages that contain caffeine. Do not allow your daughter to drink anything two hours before it's time for her to go to bed. Encourage your daughter to use the bathroom right before going to bed and make it easy for her to get up and use it again if she needs to during the night. Installing nightlights and keeping a path clear from her bed to the toilet can be helpful.

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