How to Get Your Daughter Invited to a Debutante Ball

Once a ceremony designed to showcase girls who became of marriageable age, today's debutante ball is now used to help young girls connect with powerful social figures and get positive press to help launch their careers. Though not all debutante balls are exclusive as they once were, not just anyone can attend a debutante ball. If you want your daughter to get an invitation to one of these high-brow soirees, you will need to pay a significant fee and show some social or familial connections.

Prove your family lineage. Some balls are open only to descendents of certain family lines. For example, the Saint Nicholas Society Ball is only open to members, and membership is only given to those who are descendents of residents of New York before 1785 1. Once that is proven, another member has to invite you to be a member. The Mayflower Ball is only open to those who can show they are descendents of a passenger on the Mayflower ship, which landed in Plymouth in 1620.

Network with influential members of society. Some balls, such as the International Debutante Ball, have more open membership policies, but you have to know someone who can recommend you. One way to do that is to network with prominent members of society. Attend high-level corporate functions within your business, join influential social organizations in your community, or volunteer on the board of a local nonprofit or educational group. The more people you know, the better your chances.

Increase your own social profile. Debutante balls recognize wealth and status. You have many ways to raise your social profile, such as increasing your rank in your company, opening your own business, getting press for a personal or professional project, and attending parties hosted by influential people.

Pay the fee. Admission to a debutante ball can cost thousands of dollars. "Gotham Magazine" says that it costs $16,000 per table for the International Debutante Ball. It can cost up to $25,000 to attend the Saint Nicholas Society Ball 1. The money gets you a certain number of tickets to the ball and admission to other related events, such as networking brunches and receptions. Most of the balls contribute a significant amount of the money they charge to a charitable organization.