Cute Outfits to Wear to the Circus for Children

When the circus is in town, it's every child's dream to become a clown, trapeze artist or animal-trainer 1. Taking your children to the circus will give them an exciting experience they will never forget. Dress them in comfortable and simple circus outfits to make the day even more special.

Elephant Outfit

Seeing the elephants eat peanuts and prance around in the ring is one of the highlights of the circus. Put together a simple elephant outfit for your child so he can feel like a part of the action. Dress your child in gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt. If your child has a gray hooded sweatshirt or sweater, he can wear that. Make large elephant ears out of matching gray felt, and attach them to the hood or a gray knitted cap. For girls, you can sew the ears onto a plastic headband. Elephant ears should be petal-shaped with drooping ends; if you make them too round, your child might be mistaken for a mouse instead of an elephant.

Clown Ruffles

A full clown costume can be uncomfortable and distracting for your child to wear to the circus; however, he can still wear a clown-like outfit 1. Ask your child to find his most brightly colored pants and top. These can be patterns or solid colors such as orange, red, yellow or purple. Add a homemade clown neck-ruffle to make the outfit more clownish. You can make this by cutting out C-shaped layers of felt in several bright colors. Sew the inside edge of the felt layers together, and ruffle the outer layers to make a collar. Add a snap button on the back so that your child can wear it easily. Do not sew the ends together. The snap button makes the collar safe and prevents it from being a choking or strangulation hazard if a child gets caught on something. Alternatively, he can wear a brightly colored wig to complete his clown outfit.

Trapeze Artist

The acrobatic skills of the trapeze artist at the circus are sure to have your child clapping with glee and practicing her own cartwheels and jumps the next day. Assemble a trapeze outfit for your child by pairing bright, shiny leggings and a top with a ruffled skirt. Put her hair up in a ballerina bun or sporty pigtails to complete the circus look 1.


The ringmaster is the director of the circus and leads all the animals as they dance and perform in the ring. Your child can pretend to be the ringmaster by dressing up as one at the circus. All she needs are comfortable dress pants that are black, purple or another dark color and a matching bow tie made out of felt or cloth. Pin the bow tie to her shirt, and top off the outfit with a black felt top hat. You can find top hats in children's sizes at costume stores or make your own with construction paper and felt.