Creative Ways to Cook Eggs for Kids

Eggs are rich in protein.

Lots of kids are finicky eaters, which can sometimes make it difficult to ensure proper nutrition. The National Institutes of Health recommends eggs as a healthy source of protein for children. Eggs are also chock full of minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fats and antioxidants. If eggs are losing their appeal with your kids, try preparing them in some creative ways.

Egg in a "Basket"

To make an egg in a "basket," all you have to do is fry a piece of lightly toasted bread with an egg in the center. Use a round cookie cutter or a drinking glass to form the hole in the bread for the egg. You can reserve the excised circle for dipping it in the yellow. Make sure to grease your skillet so the egg doesn't stick. Crack the egg right in the hole, add a dash of salt and pepper, and let it cook on medium-low heat. When the bottom is set and the underside of the toast is nice and brown, flip it over and continue to cook for another few minutes.

Scrambled Egg Faces

Scrambled egg faces are rounds of egg cut from an omelet and decorated to look like faces. To prepare, whisk 5 eggs with 2 tablespoons of milk and a little salt and pepper. Lightly grease your skillet and heat over medium-low. Pour in the egg mixture and cook, without stirring, until set – approximately 7 to 10 minutes. Slide the omelet onto a cutting board and let it cool a bit. Cut out four circles using a big circle cookie cutter. Decorate the egg circles to make faces, using cut-up garnishes like cherry tomatoes, peppers, olives and cheese.

Soft-Boiled Eggs with Cheesy Toast Soldiers

For cheesy toast soldiers, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Toast a few slices of bread and cut them into 1-inch wide pieces, or "soldiers." Melt a little butter and pour it over the toast soldiers. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and cheese and toss to coat. Place the soldiers on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake until golden brown, about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, soft boil the eggs by simmering them in boiling water for exactly 6 minutes. Avoid a rolling boil or the shells will crack. Drain and rinse the eggs in cold water. Tap off the lid of the larger end with a bread knife and place the egg in an egg cup. Let the kids dip the soldiers in the eggs.

Bunny Face Deviled Eggs

Make your basic deviled egg recipe, using hard-boiled eggs, a touch of mustard, mayo and a little salt and pepper. Then decorate the deviled eggs into little bunny faces. Use slivered almonds or carrot slivers for the ears and grated carrots for whiskers. For the eyes, nose and mouth, try capers, or red pepper, olive or tomato bits -- whichever your kids prefer.