Creative Chef Costume Ideas for Kids

The recent popularity of cooking and baking shows may have sparked curiosity in your child to learn more about the job duties of chefs. Enhance her cooking interests in your own home by letting her help out in the kitchen. Create a chef costume to make her feel like a real chef while she is helping you 1.


Your child is already familiar with Italian cuisine due to the popularity of spaghetti and meatballs and pizza. You can create an Italian chef costume for him with simple materials 1. For a chef hat, size a piece of construction paper around his head. Let him use red and green markers to draw an Italian flag in the center of the paper. At the bottom, he can write "Italy" in bold letters. Tape the back of the construction paper and place it atop his head. Tie a red scarf around his neck and let him wear a fake mustache. For an authentic appearance, dip a little bit of pasta sauce on a plain, white apron and let dry. Have him put on the apron and stick fake pizza slices and Italian rolls in the pockets.


Kids adore cupcakes for their easy-to-handle size and the many tasty flavors they are available in. Use your child's admiration for the treats as inspiration for a pastry chef costume. Purchase a pink, kid-sized apron from an art supply store. Use fabric paint to create cupcakes all across the apron, such as vanilla with sprinkles and red velvet cupcakes. Let dry. Dust flour all over the apron to look like she just finished baking. Make a chef hat by sizing a strip of poster board around her head and pushing pink tissue paper through the band and staple. Have her put on the apron and hat and carry a baking pin or whisk to complete the look.


A child may have seen sushi chefs preparing the Japanese delicacy at a restaurant or local supermarket. Let your child imitate a sushi chef as a fresh idea to traditional chef gear. An old martial arts top, black pants and black shoes can serve as his cooking attire. Iron dragon transfers on the shirt. Paint a red circle in the center of a white scarf. Paint Japanese symbols on both sides of the circle. The symbols should be food-related like the words for "sushi" or "chef." Tie the scarf around the top of his head. To compliment his costume, he can carry around a small tray with pretend sushi.


Grilled foods like hot dogs and hamburgers are food staples for family cookouts. Let your child dress as a barbecue chef and pretend she is in charge of grilling for the family. Have her wear a plaid shirt underneath a white apron, jeans and boots. Purchase a plain, white paper chef hat from an art supply store. In the center of the hat's band, write "BBQ" and paint flames around the sides. Write "Little Grill Master" in the center of the apron. Smear ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce across the apron to create stains. To complete the costume, stick pretend grilling utensils in the apron's pockets.