How to Create a Bedroom for Three Kids

Cramping three children into one bedroom might seem like a form of torture for both the children and their parents, but it might prove effective when necessary. While some children crave their own personal space, others easily adjust to living in close quarters with siblings. Creating a bedroom space for three children on a temporary or permanent basis requires that parents consider different factors to make the most of the space.

Give the three children the largest bedroom in the house 1. While most parents enjoy the luxury of the largest bedroom, three people deserve more space than two, regardless of size and age. While adults spend little time in the bedroom, children might spend most of the day in the room, playing, reading, dressing and sleeping.

Use bunk beds to provide sleeping space for all three children 1. Bunk beds are available with double-stacked beds as well as an additional bed that pulls out or protrudes from the bottom of the bunk bed. Placing bunk beds allows you to stack the beds and provide more floor space for activities and storage.

Give each child their own personal space inside the bedroom, per recommendations from For bedrooms large enough, you might hang curtains or build wall partitions to provide each child with a private place to change clothes, get ready for school or bed and store their personal items.

Allow each child to decorate his or her section of the bedroom to prevent the children from feeling constricted to a single decorating style that fits with their roommates. suggests that this, as well as adding personalized items to the room, allows children sharing a room to gain a sense of individuality instead of trying to fit into a mold.

Divide closet space to allow all three children an individual area to store clothing and other accessories. This helps to prevent fights and allows the children to keep their personal items organized and separate from their siblings.

Create additional storage in the room to provide more open floor and bed space. As items in the bedroom accumulate, you need to add more storage to keep the room from feeling cluttered. Add storage bins under beds and hang storage shelves and cabinets around the room to provide each child with extra space to store items of all sizes.


Allow personal space when placing children of different genders in one bedroom. Avoid cramping children into one bedroom for extended periods if the living situation proves detrimental to any of the three children.