Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids Using Jingle Bells

Jingle bells aren’t just for one horse open sleighs; with the various sizes and colors available, your child can use them for multiple creative Christmas crafting projects, too. Whether she’s making noise, decorations or friends, crafting with jingle bells is sure to put you both in the festive spirit.

Jingle Bell Tambourine

Your child can make her own jingle bell tambourine to use while you sing Christmas songs together. Encourage your kiddo to practice her fine motor skills by lacing jingle bells onto some red, white and green pipe cleaners. She should make at least six strands, placing one medium-sized jingle bell on each pipe cleaner. Once these are ready, help her braid or twist the pipe cleaners into a circle and tuck any pointy ends into the shape. Twist some colorful ribbon in the mix, if you want, and your child is now ready for some jingle bell rockin’.

Christmas Ornaments

Your Christmas tree isn’t complete without some of your child’s creations hanging from the branches. Find at least three large jingle bells and grab some non-toxic acrylic paint 1. You will need at least black, brown, white and red paint, but you can grab more if your child wants a larger palette. Have her paint one bell to look like a reindeer head, one to look like Santa’s head and one to look like a snowman face. Paint the eyes on or, once the paint is dry, use hot glue to attach googly eyes 1. Use a thick ornament hook, colorful ribbon or a pipe cleaner loop to hang the ornaments on the tree.

Jingle Bell Painting

Roll into some messy fun with jingle bell painting. Place a piece of white craft paper inside a cake pan. Grab three paper cups and squirt a small amount of non-toxic tempera or acrylic paint into each cup. Green, red and white paints work well for this Christmas craft 1. Place a medium-sized jingle bell into each paint cup. Have your child drop one of the paint-covered jingle bells onto the paper in the pan. Let her roll the jingle bell around to make paint swirls all over the page, then put the bell back into the paint and switch bells. After she’s finished painting, but while the artwork is still wet, allow her to add pinches of glitter to the jingle bell art. Once it’s dry, you can hang it proudly on the fridge for some special Christmas decor.

Snowman Friend

Your little one can create her very own snowy friend with the help of a few small jingle bells. Staple three small paper plates together in a row to create a snowman shape. Your child can use a paintbrush to spread white glue over the paper plates. She can then sprinkle fake snowflakes onto the glue. Have her position three small jingle bells on the snowman for his buttons. She should cut some shapes out of colored construction paper for his hat, eyes, carrot nose and mouth and glue them onto the snowman.