Cheap Things to Do for a Spouse's Birthday

You love your spouse more than anything and want to do something special for his upcoming birthday, but you're on a tight budget. Sure, fancy dinners and extravagant gifts are great, but it's not necessary to show your spouse your love. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to give your spouse an amazing, inexpensive gift for his birthday.

A Day Off

Forget material things. It can be such a gift to your spouse to let him unwind for the day, free from responsibilities. Let him sleep in and lounge in bed all day if he wants to. If he has to go to work, free him from any after-work responsibilities such as picking up the kids from school, grocery shopping, preparing dinner or shuffling the kids to practices. Let him just relax and do what he wants to do, whether it's watching TV or going to the bar with friends. It might be just want your spouse needs to recharge, especially if his schedule is usually hectic.

Food Gifts

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy meal for your spouse's birthday. If you are both fans of gourmet meals but don't have a gourmet budget, choose a meal from your favorite cooking show and recreate it at home. Choose something that is special, but that includes many ingredients you already have on hand or that are not that expensive. A candle-lit gourmet dinner at home can be just as special and even more romantic than dinner out. You can also have an indoor picnic by candlelight, laying out a blanket and floor pillows. Pick up a cheap, good bottle of wine and cheese, fruit and charcuterie platters for the picnic. Another idea is to pick up your spouse's favorite snacks such as nuts, candy or dried fruit and put them together in a decorative basket.

Cheap Outings

Your spouse might really appreciate the gift of a special experience with you that doesn't cost a dime. Get up before dawn on his birthday, grab coffee and light breakfast items from a coffee shop and drive to a secluded hill or area near your home to watch the sunrise together. Alternatively, opt for a sunset if you are not early risers. If your spouse is a fan of art and culture, go with him to a free art gallery event or take him to an art museum on a free admission day, even if you are not particularly into it. If your spouse's birthday is in the summer, check to see if your town or city is having any free outdoor concerts, such as a symphony performance in the park.

Romantic Guestures

Make a mixed CD of love songs that are significant to you and your spouse that he can listen to in the car or on his personal music player. Take an empty jar, remove the label and write your own label that says, "I love you because..." Fill the jar with individual notes that state one reason why you love your spouse so much. Stuff as many in the jar as you can. Tell your spouse to keep it on his nightstand and read one each day to remind him of how much you love him. Of course, the ultimate romantic birthday gift is intimate time alone with you, especially if you lead busy lives and have children. Send the kids to relatives for the night and give your spouse the gift of romance -- a gift that is truly priceless.