What Are Barbie Special Edition Dolls Worth?

Special edition Barbies appear occasionally in every series of Barbies that have been made. They are sold for a limited time and in limited quantity and are randomly made for different series each year. Special edition Barbies can become valuable over time because of their rarity.

Happy Holidays

As of October 2009, the Happy Holidays Special Edition Barbies range in price from $60 to $100, depending on what color dress they are wearing and what year they were made. The older Happy Holidays Special Edition Barbies in good condition are worth more than the more recent ones.

The Great Eras

The Great Eras Special Edition collection was made between 1993 and 1995. The Gibson Girl and Egyptian Queen are worth $80 each. The Medieval Lady and Elizabethan Queen are $60 each, while the 1850s Southern Belle and the Victorian Lady are $50 each. The 1920s Flapper is worth the most, at $150.

Dolls of the World

The Dolls of the World Special Edition collection was made between 1990 and 1992. The Spanish and Jamaican dolls are worth $40 each. The Parisian is $45 and the Malaysian, Czechoslovakian, Scottish, English and Australian are $50 each.

Hallmark and Weddings

The Hallmark Holiday Memories Special Edition Barbie appeared in 1995, and it is now worth $50. The 1994 Walmart Country Bride is worth $20.

Winter Fantasy

The Winter Fantasy Special Edition Barbies are around $40. They were made in 1995 and 1996 in gold and white dresses and then in burgundy dresses.

Children's Collection

The Children's Collection consists of the 1994 Solo in the Spotlight reproduction for $40, the Jewel Jubilee from 1991 for $50, the 1992 Royal Romance for $45, Moonlight Magic from 1993 for $30, 1994's Quinceanera Teresa for $30, Emerald Elegance from 1994 for $40, and the 1996 Silver Royale for $40.