Activities for Father-Daughter Groups

Finding activities that everyone in your father-daughter group enjoys isn't always easy. But it's a good idea to shake things up with some new activities every once in awhile. Sometimes, you can have the best of times when you give something a try that's out of your comfort zone. There are numerous fun and inexpensive ways for father-daughter groups to make memories that everyone can cherish 1.

Camp Outs

You might want to plan a camping or wilderness adventure for your father-daughter group. While on the trip, you can spend the days, hiking, boating, rafting, fishing or just enjoying nature -- and perhaps capturing it with your camera. Everyone can take turns planning and cooking the meals. And nights around the campfire are the perfect time for sharing favorite scary or silly stories, while toasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

Daddy and Daughter Dance

Another idea is to encourage the fathers and daughters in your group to bond during an evening of two-stepping. Hire a dance instructor to teach the group a few moves at the beginning of the evening and then let the dancing begin! Choose a theme for the event and have the group work together to decorate the venue -- a basement recreation room works just fine for a small group. You could choose a famous couples theme and decorate with pictures of as many famous couples as you can find. Have each father and daughter come dressed in costume as their favorite historical pair, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck or Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Another fun theme is to have everyone come dressed up as their favorite music idol. You can even turn the event into a dance-a-thon and get sponsors to raise money for a local charity.

Gourmet Cooking Class

You can cook up some fun -- and learn something new -- at a father-daughter cooking class. You can make it an afternoon of whipping up tasty treats, or learn a few tricks about gourmet cooking. Hire a professional chef or instructor to lead the group, or if there's a kitchen-savvy daddy among you, let him lead the way. Make one large meal as a group, or have each daddy and daughter pair up to make their own unique dish to share with everyone else. You can turn this group activity into a charitable undertaking for a fun lesson on the importance of social responsibility. Focus on preparing some delectable desserts -- and have a bake sale to raise money for a local charity.

Scavenger Hunts

Everyone generally likes a challenge. Have your group of fathers take their daughters on an exciting scavenger hunt adventure. If every pair is equipped with a cell phone or camera, make the game a photo scavenger hunt and race to take pictures of a list of items in the neighborhood. For a group of dads with preteens and teenagers, take the group on a scavenger hunt at the local shopping mall. You can send each pair on the hunt or divide the group into larger teams -- and have them hunt for free things, such as empty shopping bags, drinking straws and discarded receipts. If your group has a little money to spend, divide it among the pairs or groups and have each team make as many purchases as they can with the cash.

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