Great Activities for Couples

Spending time as a couple keeps the relationship fresh and helps you stay connected to one another 1. Going out for dinner or seeing a movie together can become boring. Spice up the relationship by choosing something outside your normal comfort zone 1. You can experience something new with your partner for an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Home Improvement Project

Tackling a home improvement project as a couple helps improve your teamwork skills while you renovate an area of the home that you can enjoy long after the project is complete. If one partner typically handles the home improvement projects, this endeavor can help the other partner get more involved in the process. Relatively simple home improvement projects include a landscaping task, painting a room, hanging new blinds, redecorating a room or starting a backyard garden.

Take a Class

Joining a dance class gives you regularly scheduled couple time with an entertaining focus. Even those who don't have dancing skills can enjoy letting go at a dance class. Choose a dance studio that emphasizes fun, so you don't feel out of place if you have two left feet. Pick the type of dance together so both partners want to participate. If dancing isn't appealing, join another type of class as a couple. Look for community education programs that offer recreational classes, or sign up for an exercise class together.

Miniature Golf

A round of miniature golf lets you free your inner child. It doesn't require a lot of skill, and often results in laughter and general enjoyment while playing. A miniature golf game doesn't take a long time to play, so you can squeeze it in during a date night. Other childlike activities that work well for couples include a trip to the batting cages, a day at an amusement park or swinging at the park.

Tour Your Town

The familiarity of your own city may cause you to overlook hidden treasures. Grab your camera and a map of the town, turning yourselves into a couple of tourists in your own locale. Make a list of locally owned restaurants and shops, historical landmarks, museums and other attractions you've never visited. The city's tourism website offers a resource for finding places to visit. Book at room at a local bed and breakfast to turn the activity into an overnight event.


Volunteering as a couple lets you share the joy of helping those in need. Experience the feeling together to help you bond as a couple. Look for local charities or organizations that need volunteers. Many organizations need volunteers on a regular basis but also appreciate one-time volunteers. Choose a cause that has significance to you as a couple.