The Best Bikinis for People With Large Stomachs

Women come in all shapes and sizes; luckily, swimsuits do too. If you have a larger tummy, don't wear a bikini that doesn't properly enhance your body. Whether it's a cool retro style or the modern-day tankini, opt for a suit that lets you flaunt your curves.


If you have a little extra tummy, try a derivative of the bikini and opt for a tankini. A tankini is still a two piece, but the top half of the suit looks more like a tank top than a bikini top, allowing for a bit more coverage while still being able to show a tiny amount of tummy. Tankini tops come in different lengths so you can choose how much or how little you'd like to flaunt. Plus, you don't have to worry about a too-long or too-short torso fit, as is the case with a one-piece suit.

Colors and Details

As a general rule, darker colors are more slimming; but if you'd rather not wear black, try other shades like plum, navy or burgundy for a fun pop of color. Also, try to stray from large, distracting patterns which can make you look wider. Look for style details on the tankini top like ruching -- a technique which gathers or pleats fabric -- that helps to disguise bulges and makes your stomach look flatter. Swimsuits with strategically placed belts or criss-cross designs are also ideal for creating the appearance of a smaller waistline, while suits with a faux-wrap style across the midsection can also help to flatter your stomach 2.

Retro High Waist

If you'd prefer to wear a more traditional bra-top bikini, try going retro with a high-waist bottom. Retro bikini looks can be incredibly chic and totally fashionable. If you're looking for even more slimming power, try a color-blocked bikini. Get a bottom in a darker shade and a top in a lighter shade. The darker shade will slim you, while the lighter shade will draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of a slimmer tummy.

Extra Help

Spanx isn't just to wear under your dresses. To help with tummy troubles, Spanx technology is now built into swimsuits, so you can take the great slimming technology from cocktails to beachwear. Try your chosen style with built-in Spanx to instantly pull in your frame, leaving you looking svelte and slim at the pool.