How to Write an Ad for a Child Care Provider

With your busy lifestyle, it's likely that you need to find someone to help watch your precious little one. reports that seven out of 10 parents rely on some type of child care during the week 1. Since you can't be with your child all of the time, it's important to select a provider who is qualified to care for him 1. Carefully write an ad that will have only the best quality child care providers interviewing to work with you and your family 1.

Choose your favorite word processing program and start a new document titled, "Child Care Ad." This allows you to edit and revise your ad during the writing process and keep a saved copy for future reference 1.

Write a few brief sentences describing the type of child care you seek 1. This summary allows possible applicants to quickly decide if they meet your basic criteria. Are you looking for an in-home sitter or a place where you can drop off your child? If you are open to either option, state this. Also include a sentence or two that states the age of your child and the hours you are seeking child care 1. This is the section to also include any special requirements or need your child may have such as a special diet or disability.

Write a bulleted list of your requirements for a child care provider 1. Include any education you require, such as a high school diploma or college degree in child development or psychology. While there is nothing wrong with requiring education or experience, doing so will increase the amount you need to compensate your provider. Require that anyone, no matter how educated or experienced, be certified in basic first aid and child CPR. Include more specific information about the hours you seek, your intended pay range. You may also wish to consider a minimum age for your provider, especially if you have a young child who requires a higher level of care or an older child who may feel too close in age to a younger provider 14.

Include your basic contact information at the end of the advertisement so any potential applicant can contact you. Avoid providing too much information given you plan to advertise in a public forum. Limiting yourself to one phone number or email address gives an interested applicant multiple ways to contact you without giving more personal information until you are ready to conduct an interview.

Review your ad and check it for errors before submitting to your chosen forum. Post your ad at a local university or on a website dedicated to finding quality child care providers 1. In addition, ask a friend who did not assist in the creation of your advertisement to read it. Ask her if she feels anything should be clarified, added or deleted, and adjust accordingly.