How to Wear a Boppy Baby Sling

For centuries, parents have used slings to carry their babies, not only because they could go about their daily routines, but also because their little ones seemed more content. The practice has gained a new following with the advent of the Attachment Parenting movement, which espouses "babywearing" to form and nurture "strong connections between parents and their children," according to Attachment Parenting International. Many slings and baby carriers are available to make babywearing comfortable and practical. The Boppy Carry in Comfort Dual Support Sling allows a parent to carry a baby weighing five to 20 pounds 1.

Set the sling on a safe, flat surface with the narrower top end facing toward the side where you want the baby’s head.

Release the clip on the support strap at the lower end of the sling.

Open the flaps on the baby harness inside the sling.

Place the baby on top of the sling and bring the harness up between the baby’s legs. Fasten the harness flaps around the baby’s waist.

Pull the bottom and sides of the sling up around the baby, tucking in his arms and legs.

Lean over the sling and bring the main shoulder strap over your head and one arm so that the strap rests on the shoulder on the same side as the baby’s head.

Tighten or loosen the sling to adjust the baby’s position. Pull on the end of the shoulder strap to tighten the sling. Pull the tension release loop on the back of the strap to loosen the sling. Support the baby with your other arm while adjusting the strap length.

Bring the narrower support strap over your other shoulder and clip it to the buckle on the bottom of the sling.

Adjust the length of the support strap to balance the baby’s weight between your shoulders.

Remove the sling by supporting the baby with one arm while unbuckling the support strap and loosening the main shoulder strap. Lower the sling over your head onto a safe, flat surface and take the baby out of the harness.


Support the baby with your arm when you are becoming accustomed to wearing the sling. Walk and gently bounce the baby if he fusses when he is first put into the sling. Nurse your baby discreetly in the sling. Switch the main shoulder strap to the opposite shoulder to nurse on the opposite side.


Bend at the knees rather than at the waist while carrying a baby in the sling. Never use a sling in a moving vehicle. Always put your baby in an approved infant car seat. Do not handle sharp or hot objects with a baby in the sling.