How to Warm Baby Wipes

How to Warm Baby Wipes. Baby wipes don't really need warming as long as you keep your home at a comfortable temperature. But if you really want to warm wipes, it can be done safely and easily.

Choose very carefully if you buy an electric wipe warmer. Some of these have been recalled due to possible fire hazard. Check the Consumer Products Safety Commission Web site, or call the manufacturer to ask about previous recalls and possible hazards.

Hold wipes in your hands for a few moments before you use them to help take off the initial coolness.

Hold wipes in front of a blow dryer on "warm" for a few seconds, but not long enough to dry out or overheat the wipes.

Wring out cloth wipes or baby washcloths in warm soapy water before using them.

Things You Will Need

  • Baby Washcloths
  • Baby Wipe Warmers
  • Bath Towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Blow Dryers


If your baby seems to get cold and uncomfortable during diaper changes, try changing him on a fluffy towel or in warm bathroom with a heat lamp, if possible, instead of on a changing table. Just make sure the light from the lamp isn't directly above your baby's eyes.


Don't use a second-hand wipe warmer, even if it seems to be in good shape, as it may have electrical problems. If using cloth wipes, check the temperature of the water very carefully before you wring them out and use them. Baby skin is sensitive, and too-hot water can burn a baby severely.