Use of Clary Sage Oil in Pregnancy

Clary sage essential oil is known to help heal a variety of aliments including migraines, PMS, depression, and stress-related symptoms 1. Another interesting way to use this essential oil, however, is during childbirth. When used with caution, Clary sage can help ease a women's labor pains and help make the process of giving birth maybe just a little bit easier 1.

Early Pregnancy

Clary sage use is highly cautioned against during the first through third trimesters of pregnancy 12. The reason Clary sage is unsafe is because it is said to be emmenagogues, which means it can induce menstrual bleeding and possibly induce a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy 1. (Other unsafe oils include: basil, cedarwood, jasmine, rose, rosemary, theme, etc). However, even though Clary sage is not recommended during pregnancy since it is know to cause uterine contractions, it can be beneficial to women who are going into labor 12.

Clary Sage During Labor

Clary sage essential oil can be used a variety of ways during childbirth 1. It is important to remember, however, to use only Clary sage and not regular sage during the birthing process, since regular sage can be toxic to the baby due to it's strong, sometimes overpowering smell 1.

One way to use Clary sage is to place a few cotton balls in the essential oil 1. Once the oil is absorbed, the mother can place the cotton balls under her pillow or somewhere nearby while she is giving birth. According to, the smell of the Clary sage oil can help move the labor process along by intensifying contractions 1. Breathing in the scent of Clary sage can make for a quicker, somewhat easier birth 1.

Another way a mother can use Clary sage is by actually rubbing the essential oil on her belly while in labor 1. This is not always recommended, though, depending on how your skin reacts to certain oils. It is best to test the oil on your forearm to make sure you do not have a negative or allergic reaction to the Clary sage before rubbing it on any other parts of the body 1. Some women prefer rubbing the Clary sage on themselves rather than taking pain medication since it helps them relax 1. Clary sage is also known to cause feelings of mild euphoria in some people, which may explain why some women chose to use Clary sage instead of pain medication 1. You can also mix the oil with lavender, since Clary sage and lavender both help relax the mother as well as help strengthen the contractions during labor 1.

Remember it is best to avoid usage of the oil during your entire pregnancy, though 2. Only use Clary sage during labor, or if you wish to induce labor during the later part of the third trimester 1. It is always best to consult your midwife or doctor before using it. If you do chose to use Clary sage it is best to do so in moderation; don't overdo it as this can cause headaches 1.