Can using Fertility Blend Sp-1 help me Get Pregnant

Fertility Blend Sp-1 is a dietary supplement designed to support successful conception and pregnancy. This proprietary blend contains ingredients such as kelp, saw palmetto and sarsaparilla. The supplement is delivered in capsules, which are taken up to three times a day. Side effects of Fertility Blend Sp-1 include nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Women using Fertility Blend Sp-1 should have their progress monitored by a doctor, as this herbal supplement is not FDA approved.

Consult your doctor while taking Fertility Blend Sp-1 to monitor your hormonal changes while taking the supplement. Your doctor may recommend bloodwork during your menstrual cycle to watch hormone levels.

Take two Fertility Blend Sp-1 capsules up to three times daily. The capsules can be taken with water. Fertility Blend can be started at any point in your menstrual cycle and can be taken until your pregnancy is confirmed.

Continue taking Fertility Blend for seven consecutive days, then discontinue treatment. After your next menstrual period, resume treatment with the supplement. This will help regulate your menstrual cycle and ensure your body is prepared to support a pregnancy.

Monitor your menstrual cycle while taking Fertility Blend by tracking your basal body temperature each morning before rising or using an ovulation predictor kit to determine when ovulation occurs. Ovulation predictor kits monitor the amount of luteinizing hormone in your urine; when this hormone increases, the test strip will show a positive result, indicating that ovulation will occur within 12-36 hours.

Time your intercourse 1. When an ovulation predictor kit or your basal body temperature confirms ovulation is about to occur, this is the best time to have intercourse to increase the chances of conception. Repeat this process as necessary to become pregnant.

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, discontinue using Fertility Blend. Your doctor may prescribe progesterone supplements to continue the hormone stabilizing effect that Fertility Blend provides.


It can take up to three months to see an alteration in hormones through using Fertility Blend. Fertility Blend can be used in conjunction with natural family planning methods or fertility treatments if recommended by a doctor.


These hormonal changes should be monitored by a doctor while you are trying to become pregnant.

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