How to Use Herbalife During Nursing

One of the hardest challenges new mothers face is the struggle to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy. Many women turn to a traditional regimen--aerobic exercise and a low-calorie diet--while others seek alternatives to fit their busy schedules.

One of these is Herbalife, a powdered shake mix that dieters can use as a meal replacement. According to Boutique Herbal, Herbalife is a line of products that suppress your appetite by using nutrient mixes as meal substitute 1. They come in several varieties that cater to special dietary needs, such as vegetarian and kosher blends, in addition to the original mix. Its manufacturers emphasize that you should only use it in conjunction with a low-calorie diet.

What You Should Know About Herbalife

Consider whether the benefits of taking Herbalife outweigh the risks. A writer at warns that, since Herbalife can lead to rapid weight loss, it may lead the body to release toxins into the bloodstream. Since mother's milk is derived from blood, this means that rapid weight loss can send toxins into your milk.

Ask yourself whether the ingredients in Herbalife are safe for your baby. Many stimulants in Herbalife mixes may disrupt your infant's sleep patterns. Also, since there are so many different herbs in a given mix, you may not know which one to blame if your child has an adverse reaction.

Get a complete list of the ingredients in your mix and talk to a lactation consultant. A writer at recommends that you check to see if the consultant is international board certified (IBC).

Pick the safest mixes. A writer at Proven Plan had excellent results with Forms 1, 2, 3 and Celluloss, which she claims helped her baby develop a strong immune system. She also writes that she did not experience rapid weight loss while taking those supplements.

Finally, check your weight regularly to make sure that you're not experiencing rapid weight loss. If you are, stop using Herbalife until you return to a slower weight loss pattern.

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