How to Use the Baby Pro Bottle Warmer

First Year's Night and Day BabyPro Nursery Bottle Warmer conveniently keeps bottles cold for up to eight hours and then warms them in a matter of minutes 1. Most bottles can be used with this warming system including angled and disposable bottles. It even warms baby food jars. Handy features of this bottle warmer includes a built-in night light to help you see during your late night feedings and an automatic shut-off feature for added safety 1.

Cooling the Bottles

Prepare the ice container by filling it with water to the max line indicated on the container. Place the water-filled container into the refrigerator until it's frozen solid.

Place the bottle warmer on a flat surface 1. Plug it into an electrical outlet with the cord out of reach from children.

Place the frozen container into the cooler compartment with one or two bottles. Put the cover on it.

Warming the Bottles

Pour pre-measured water into the warming chamber according to the manufacturers guidelines. The measured amount of water used will vary depending on the bottle type, the bottle size and the temperature of the bottle at the time of the warming. For example, a 5 ounce wide mouth bottle that is cool (taken from the fridge or cooler) will require 6 ounces of water in the warming chamber. The same five ounce bottle at room temperature will only require five ounces of water.

Place your bottles into the warming chambers. If you still have a bottle in the cooling compartment make sure it has its cover on.

Snap the adapter ring onto the warming chamber for angled bottles. This will ensure the bottle stays centered for even heating. Insert the lift-out basket into the heating chamber for disposable bottles and baby food jars.

Press the "On" button. A light will come on to let you know that heating is in process. Once the light turns off that means the heating is complete and the bottle warmer will automatically shut down 1. Remove the bottle from the chamber and allow it to cool for a minute. Test the warmth of its contents before feeding it to your baby,


Open the lid of baby food jars and remove its label before placing it into the lift-out basket.


Never place a disposable bottle or baby food jar into the warming chamber without using one of the lift-out baskets. Doing so could damage or overheat these items.