Tricks to Get Toddlers to Wear Glasses

By Kathy Gleason
Transitioning to glasses can be a challenge.
Transitioning to glasses can be a challenge.

Getting your toddler to wear glasses is challenging. Before tearing your hair out in frustration, take a breath. You might just need a new strategy and a new outlook. If you're upset that your child has to wear glasses, your toddler might pick up on it and resist them as well. Remember that being consistent and positive can make a major difference in how your child takes to his new glasses.

Let Children Have a Say

If possible, let your toddler choose his glasses. If he's very young or money's tight, choose several pairs that are acceptable to you and let him choose among those options. Kids might be more inclined to wear glasses if they feel they had some say in them, suggests Early Intervention Support.

Offer Encouragement

When children try on glasses, make a fuss over how good they look in them. Also, point out how seeing clearly is better and safer than walking around with blurry vision.

Make Sure Glasses Are Comfortable

Lenses for toddlers should be made of polycarbonate because the lens won't shatter. Glasses for toddlers should also have soft cables that are comfortable and fit around the ears so they stay on. Look for glasses that have soft nose pads as well so glasses aren't uncomfortable on your toddler's little nose.

Read Stories

Go to the library and pick out books in which the young characters have glasses. You can also go online and show your tot pictures of other children wearing glasses. If other people in her family wear glasses, remind her of that.

Build Up Gradually

Don't stick glasses on your toddler's face and expect him to wear them constantly, right away. Start with a shorter time such as half an hour in the morning and afternoon and build up from there. You can encourage children to leave their glasses alone during this time by making "glasses time" fun time in the beginning. For example, have them wear their glasses during a favorite cartoon or while having a snack.

Be a Good Role Model

If you have glasses, wear them! Set a good example for children by wearing your own glasses when you're supposed to. If your toddler sees that wearing glasses is a chore for you, it might be harder to get her to wear her own.

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