How to Toast Marshmallows Over a Fireplace

How to Toast Marshmallows Over a Fireplace. In the middle of winter while the snow is mounting up outside, a fun thing to do with the kids is to light a fire in the fireplace and have an indoor camping trip. If your living room is large enough, you can even pitch your tent and let the kids spend the night in it. No camping trip is complete for kids without the chance to toast marshmallows.

Use real wood logs for your fire. It is never a good idea to toast marshmallows or cook any other food over Duraflame, or similar fake logs. These logs are chemically treated to ignite easily and food cooked over them can be harmful to your health.

Light a small fire in the fireplace. You do not need a large fire for toasting marshmallows. Since you need to remove, or open, the grate, door or screen that you usually use in front of the fire, it is important to keep the flames small.

Choose marshmallow toasting sticks. Be careful if you are getting sticks from outside for use toasting marshmallows. Many of the sticks you can find in the winter are dead and dry and might break when put into the hot fire. A better choice for toasting marshmallows over a fireplace is commercially sold marshmallow sticks or roasters.

Remove or open the screen from the front of the fireplace to allow easy access for toasting marshmallows.

Supervise the children closely when toasting marshmallows, or toast them yourself and then give them to the kids, depending on their age. Be very diligent when toasting marshmallows on an indoor fireplace with your children. If a marshmallow catches on fire, children have a tendency to wave the marshmallow in the air to try to put it out. A lit marshmallow flying off of the stick in your living room can cause a fire.