How to Tie a Moby Wrap for Nursing

Using a Moby wrap to carry your infant keeps your baby close to you while leaving your hands free 1. Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping and eating, and once you get comfortable carrying your baby in a Moby, it's easy and convenient to and nurse her while she's in the wrap 1. Breastfeeding your baby in a Moby wrap keeps him close and secure while allowing you the ability to walk around and use your hands 1.

Tie the Moby in the Basic Wrap Position

Arrange the Moby wrap across your waist, making sure the tag is centered in front of your belly 1.

Pull the ends behind your back and cross one end up and around one shoulder, then do the same with the other end. The Moby should create a cross on your back.

Bring the wrap's ends down through the front panel in front of your waist.

Pull each end, creating another cross with the wrap on your chest.

Wrap the ends around your waist and tie them where comfortable—on your back, side or stomach.

Put Your Baby in the Moby in the Hug Hold Position

Pick up your baby, hold him on your right shoulder and place his left leg through the Moby panel that is closest to the left side of your chest.

Pull the Moby over your baby's bottom and shoulder, stretching the wrap down to the back of your baby's knee 1.

While supporting your baby's weight, tuck her other leg into the fabric section closet to the right side of your chest.

Arrange the Moby so that it evenly covers your baby's bottom and shoulders.

Tuck your baby's legs into the front panel where the tag is located. Bring up this panel to cover your baby's back and shoulders.

Arrange Your Baby for Nursing

Bring the Moby's front panel back down under your baby and pull the shoulder panels to the side so that you can lift your baby.

Remove the baby's leg that is closest to you from the Moby and reach inside to turn your baby's other leg to the side. Both legs should now be out of the shoulder panels.

Support your baby's head and pull the nearest shoulder panel open to lower your baby's head to the breast.

Arrange the panel closest to your body so that it holds your baby's head, shoulders and bottom in the proper position.


You and your baby should be in a belly-to-belly position with the baby's body in a straight line for the optimum nursing position in the Moby.

When in public, arrange the Moby's front panel (the one with the logo) around your baby's head for privacy.