Things to Build With Mega Bloks

When it comes to building things with Mega Bloks, the only limitations are the shape and size of the block and your child's imagination 2. Similar to Legos, Mega Bloks are available in maxi, mini and micro sizes, and the mini and micro sizes are compatible with similarly sized Lego brand products 2.

Buildings and Bridges

Classic construction elements like buildings, bridges and castles have long been a favourite finished product of young enthusiasts. You and your child can construct these structures using Mega Bloks of any size 2. Use long, flat pieces for the centre of bridges, and teach your child a bit of engineering while explaining the need for a middle support. Or you can build a giant castle with a tower or turret for some fantasy fun. If you have a set that includes pre-constructed sections like a castle tower or wall, don't forget to include those in your building. You can also create basic houses, skyscrapers and barns using Mega Bloks 2.

Animals and Figures

If your child loves animals, you can create a dog, a rhinoceros or even a giraffe using Mega Bloks 2. A common favourite of younger children, animals are easier to construct using the mini or micro sizes and are often pictured on the side of the container. If you like, create the animal from an image or sketch out a quick model for your kids to use. When you're planning a simple design, remember that the larger the block, the less detailed your animal can be.

If your child has received sets that include people or animals, combine pieces from different sets to create entirely new creatures. From a man with a lion's head to a cyborg with robot legs, Mega Blok figure parts can add a new dimension to your child's play.


If your child is car-crazy, design a vehicle from top to bottom. Long, flat or rectangular pieces can create the centre of the car body when attached to wheels. See how tall your car or truck can get before the vehicle slows to a crawl. If you have more than one child, ask each of them to construct a race car of their own and see which one is fastest. You can also create vehicles like motorcycles and construction machinery if your set includes the necessary pieces.