Things to Build With Legos

Lego is a classic toy that can be fun for all ages. Young children can build simple cars, houses and people, while older kids and adults can explore scale models and Lego robotics. Kits are a great way to get started, but many people enjoy exploring the options with nothing but a few boxes of traditional Legos and their own creativity.

Things to Build with Legos

Sort your Legos by size and shape. You can build nearly anything with Legos, from a simple toy car to complex robotics and scale models of vehicles, aircraft and buildings.

If you are building from scratch, plan out the base dimensions to avoid unpleasant surprises as you move on in the building process. Wheels, accessories and even motorized parts are available to add to the creativity of your Legos.

Start with a base. You can construct one with Legos or use a manufactured base. These are typically available in gray or green and come in a variety of sizes. If you are building something freestanding, make sure you construct a large enough base with appropriate support for the final Lego building project. When you use a prepared building plan or kit, follow the instructions.

Play with the positioning of smaller component pieces for the best results. Press the pieces together securely. Consider whether the final Lego creation will be played with or displayed.

Photograph or display your Lego creations. If you will be dismantling your Lego creation, a picture is a great way to preserve the design you worked so hard at.