The Best Lubricating Drops for Contacts

While contact lenses are designed to enhance your vision, they can also cause problems with your eyes. Dry eyes and irritation are common issues that occur in contact lens wearers, according to the American Optometric Association 12. Lubricating drops can sometimes help with the dryness and irritation felt by contact lens wearers. With dozens of lubricating drops to choose from, making the right decision can be difficult and often be a process of trial and error.

Dry Eyes and Irritation

Long-term use of contact lenses can help increase the development of dry, irritated eyes. Dry eyes occur when your body makes insufficient tears to help naturally nourish and lubricate the surface of your eye. In addition to lubrication, tears help reduce the risk of infection, wash foreign objects out of the eye and keep the surface of your eyes smooth. If you have dry eyes, your eyes are likely to feel gritty, irritated or burn. It may also feel like you have something in your eyes. Your vision may also be blurred and your eyes may water excessively.


Mild cases of irritation and dry eyes caused by contact lens use can often by treated with the use of an over-the-counter eye drop. These lubricating drops are preservative free and supplement the creation of natural tears by your eyes. Ingredients in eye drops can rarely provide further irritation to your eyes. Your eye doctor may also prescribe a prescription eye drop to help increase the natural production of tears.

Types of Eye Drops

Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops are designed specifically for use by contact lens wearers. They provide all-natural relief from irritation by simply inserting a drop and blinking your eyes. Systane Lubricant Eye Drops helps ease the symptoms of dry eye associated with contact lens wear. There is no need to remove your contact lenses to use this eye drop. You can apply the drop directly to your eye even with your contacts in. ReNu Multi Plus is for soft contact lenses. This product is recommended for daily wear and extended wear lenses. ReNu provides moisturizers to your eyes.

Other Considerations

The American Optometric Association indicates that proper contact lens care can help cut down on eye irritation 12. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses or placing drops in your eyes. Your should also clean your lenses regularly and make sure your store them in a clean case. The case should be replaced every three months. Additionally, you should use fresh solution every time your clean your contact lenses. Always follow the instructions of your doctor and replace your lenses as prescribed by your doctor.

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