What Is a Teen Night Club?

A teen nightclub is similar to an adult nightclub except they do not serve alcohol and the environment is more conducive to younger patrons. The clubs play music geared for teen's tastes 1. It is a gathering spot for middle school and high-school teenagers, who desire a place to socialize, listen to music and dance. The ages allowed are usually within the range of 18 years of age and younger, but may vary depending on the venue.


The beverages served can be as simple as sodas and juices but may also include energy drinks and virgin fare such as virgin daiquiris, margaritas or pina coladas. Slushes, smoothies and bubble tea are also popular choices. Fruit garnishes and colorful straws may accompany these concoctions. The club cannot serve alcohol to minors but if the club is also open to patrons 21 and older, younger guests may be required to wear a wristband to identify their underage status.


The music will vary, depending on the venue. The entertainment may be a D.J. with a wide variety of popular tunes or a small local band that has a younger following. If it is a larger club, there may be several different types of music in various locations in the building including larger bands, well-known D.J. personalities, and one-man shows. Some adult nightclubs may designate one evening a week to a teen crowd, and they will play all the music that attracts them.


The atmosphere will be similar to that of an adult nightclub. Dim lighting, flashing lights, dance floors and a variety of seating areas are common in these establishments. Security may be tight to discourage illegal practices for this age group such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Usually, the clubs require a cover charge to make up for the loss the club takes on the lack of liquor sales and to cover the costs of the music.


Safety is a main concern for the parents of teens who attend these nightclub attractions 1. Parents should be clear as to the curfew of their child, and to be aware of the age mix of individuals in the club. Teens should be asked to present ID's, should check their purses and packages, and the club should issue a bracelet or stamp to indicate the age of the minor. Security and management should be visible, and the club should take precautions to ensure that drugs and alcohol are not smuggled onto the premises.