Teen Girls' Night Out Ideas

Celebrating with a night out is a lot fun. Teen girls can get together and spend some time away from parents, boyfriends and other distractions and focus on just having fun together. A teen girls' night out may involve a night out on the town 1. It may also take place in a home where the girls can gather to relax and be silly without the added pressure of going out.

A Night Out on the Town

A fun teen girls' night out would be a night out on the town 1. Depending on funds and the amount of parental involvement that the girls want, you can determine transportation. It may be fun to rent a limousine for a large group of girls. The girls can dress up in fancy clothes and go to an upscale restaurant with dinner reservations. After dinner they can hit a teenage dance club or a movie. The key to a successful night out is planning. Be sure to make reservations at the restaurant. Depending on the age of the girls, a parent may need to accompany them. A dance club or movie options are both a lot of fun. Be sure that the parents of the girls are comfortable with their daughter going to a dance club, especially if you have teenagers that are 13 or 14.

Spa NIght

Another option is to have a spa night out. This can take place at someone’s home. You can provide mud masks, and manicure sets for the girls to use. The night can focus on trying out different hairstyles and make-up combinations. Great refreshments are an important part of a spa night. Provide healthy snacks as well chocolate and other sweets. The host may consider hiring a professional stylist to come in for makeovers. The girls can spend the time giving each other pedicures and manicures and pampering themselves. You can end the night with a photo shoot. If you do this tell the girls to bring their favorite outfit. The pictures can be developed and given to the girls as a way to remember the fun and relaxing night together 1.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Another fun teen girls night out is a scavenger hunt 1. This works best with a large group of girls that you divide into two teams. The scavenger hunt can take place at a mall or across the city depending on the age of the participants. Provide a list of things to do or find as well as photos that need to be taken. Provide any money if items need to be purchased to complete the list. Example items may be to try on an outfit at a particular store and get a picture. Get a free sample from the food court. Talk to a new person. The list can be as silly as you want. To end the night, go out to eat or to a movie.