Teen Activities in Phoenix

Teenagers are not always easy to entertain, especially while on vacation. However, Phoenix, Arizona, offers many fun activities that teenagers will enjoy, some of which might be fun for the entire family 12. Pick some events that are in line with their tastes and ensure a complaint-free visit to the Phoenix area 3.

Water Lovers

Phoenix is home to three water parks your teens may enjoy. Big Surf, Wet N Wild and Golfland Sunsplash will have your teens entertained for hours. Featuring wave pools, tube slides and huge intertube rides, the fun begins in the spring and lasts through the fall, due to the hotter climate in Arizona. Season passes for each are available if you live nearby or will be in the area for an extended stay.

Thrill Seekers

A theme park such as Castles and Coasters will entertain the thrill-seeking teens in your family. They'll scream on the 100-foot roller coaster with its flips and loops, and the Sky Diver will drop them 120 feet straight down. If your teen prefers to be closer to the ground, there are plenty of other things to do such as miniature golf, arcade and bumper boats. Price varies depending on how many rides your teen wants to go on. On weekends, you can purchase all-day passes.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Many teens love the outdoors, and the Phoenix area has many choices for outdoor fun 3. Hike Camelback Mountain to view the red rocks, or check out South Mountain Park and Preserve for 50 miles of bike trails. For the more adventurous, jeep tours take individuals out to the red rocks, and hot air balloons show off the city. Other outdoor interests include horseback riding, gardens, lake recreation and ATV adventures.