How to Teach Preschoolers to Memorize Songs

Preschoolers often love to sing, belting out lively songs at the tops of their little lungs. Reading lyrics is an effective way for adults to memorize songs. Although preschool kids don’t have reading skills, this shouldn’t keep them from memorizing songs. As youngsters use the process of active listening to learn and memorize songs, it teaches them to focus and concentrate on auditory messages. The end result? Strong listeners who learn successfully.

  1. Play a recording of the song or sing it for your kids when they’re feeling calm and focused so they can concentrate on the words. Sing along with the recording or just croon it with gusto to show lots of enthusiasm about the tune. Let your kids hear it several times so they get familiar with it.

  1. Talk about any parts of the song that repeat to help kids pick out the repetition. Usually the chorus of a song will repeat several times, but often kids’ songs also have additional repetition that makes them easy to learn and sing. Play or sing the song through again, pointing out all the repetition to the kids.

  1. Mouth the words if they get stuck, but try not to sing with them. The Virtual Music Classroom cautions against singing along too much while you’re trying to teach a song to little ones because they may slack off and fail to try hard if you’re singing.

  1. Keep practicing to give kids opportunity to memorize the song. The more times the kids hear the song and sing it through, the faster they’ll memorize it.

  2. Tips

    Break up a longer song into parts to teach it, possibly teaching a verse at a time. If the song is short and repetitive, no need to break it up.


    If the kids seem bored with your song selection, mix it up a little bit to get them interested. Adding props or choosing upbeat songs with lively music accompaniment can grab kids’ attention and get their minds centered on memorization in no time.


    Teach songs to your kids while you’re cooking dinner, folding laundry or weeding the garden. You’ll instantly make these activities more pleasant and your kids will learn a variety of songs in no time.