How to Teach Ballet Positions to Kids

The foundation of ballet rests in five simple positions 2. Every child enrolled in a ballet class will spend time learning and perfecting these ballet positions 2. Even if you do not possess ballet experience, you can help a youngster learn the five ballet positions 2. Once your child learns this foundation, she can move on to more complicated step combinations that combine the ballet positions 2.

Place ballet slippers onto your child’s feet, if you desire. If you do not have slippers, remove shoes and practice in socks.

Stand facing each other, on a hard floor for ease in sliding feet, if possible.

Instruct your child to stand straight in first position with her heels touching and her toes pointed out so her feet look like a “V.” Encourage her to keep her legs straight and knees tight. Show her how to make a large circle with her arms so it looks like she is holding a big beach ball just under shoulder height, with fingertips almost touching.

Show your youngster how to push one leg out to the side from first position for second position so her heels are about shoulder-width apart, toes still pointed out. Help her keep her legs straight and strong and tell her to hold her arms straight out from her sides at shoulder height.

Help your child stand in third position by moving the heel of one foot so it touches the middle point of the arch of the other foot. Tell your little one that she can make third position by placing either foot in front or behind. Instruct your child to raise the arm on the same side as the front foot above her head while she keeps her other arm straight out to the side.

Demonstrate fourth position by pushing the front foot straight out so the distance between the front heel and the back toe is about the length of one foot. She should keep her arm above her head in the same position and move the other arm so it curves around in front of her.

Finish with fifth position by moving the front foot back so the heel touches the toe of the back foot. Show your child how to move her arms so they are both above her head.