Support Groups for Moms With Babies

Regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a career woman, parenting is probably the hardest job you'll ever do. That's why it's important for moms to find support from friends and family. A strong support system can ease new-mom worries while providing an outlet to share both concerns and victories. It's easy for new moms to become withdrawn when family members and friends lose touch due to distance or other obligations. Luckily, there are many support groups that help moms with babies avoid isolation and connect with other women who understand the daily struggles and blessings of motherhood 4.

In-Person Groups

MOMS Club is an international organization that was formed to support stay-at-home moms 1. There are more than 2,000 chapters in the U.S., so it is likely that you'll find one close to home. Through MOMS Club, stay-at-home moms meet for playgroups, walking groups, craft days and other activities that suit the interests of members in each particular chapter 14. Visit to inquire about local chapters. Another great group is La Leche League, which strives to help moms breastfeed through mom-to-mom support, education and information 2. Most groups hold monthly meetings that are free and open to any woman with an interest in breastfeeding. Larger groups may meet more frequently. La Leche League is a great place for nursing moms to meet with other moms who share their unique daily challenges 2.

Local and Regional Meetups

If there are no national or international organizations that have chapters in your area, try searching for local or regional support groups. Ask around, check your local newspaper for events and look on popular websites that assist in organizing meetups for like-minded people. If there are no moms groups in your area, consider starting your own 4.

Online Groups

If you live in a rural area that does not offer in-person support groups, or if you can't find one that suits you, try looking online. Websites like host message boards where you can join interest-based groups for like-minded moms to come together and share experiences 34. You can even join a birth board for babies who were born in the same month as your own so that you can all experience first steps and other milestones together. While online forums don't provide the same face-to-face interactions as do in-person support groups, they are flexible in that you can hop on during times that are convenient for you.

Starting a New Group

If you're interested in starting your own group, consider whether your group will have a special focus, such as natural parenting, moms of toddlers or other common interests. Use the focus of your group to choose an appropriate name. Next, find a location for meetings such as a park or community center. Lastly, advertise your first meeting through your own friends, the internet, flyers and the newspaper. Have fun connecting with other women in your community.