How to Start an in Home Daycare

Starting an in Home Daycare can be a great choice when you love to work with children and want to stay home with your own kids. Your children will have a great opportunity to interact with other kids of various ages. You should have plenty of energy and patience, as well as a love for teaching. It won't all be playing games all day, and it is not as easy as opening your home to more children. This is a business, and you will need to keep records, get paid, advertise, and keep up with state and federal regulations. Starting an in home daycare might be the best business for you!

Research:You will need to find out what your state limits on how many children you can take care of at one time. If you want to take care of more, you will need to hire another daycare worker to help you. Each state is different. You can call your city hall to get in contact with the right person. You can ask them where you can contact the local daycare licensing office so you can get a license.

Name It:Your in home daycare needs a good business name, a sign if you can put one up, a website, and proper advertising. Choose a good and memorable business name.

Organize:Once you completed all of the paperwork you need to, have a license, and have gathered all of the information you need to, you are ready to get your home organized for an in home daycare. Your home needs to be ready for as many kids as you can take care of. You need the right amount of toys, games, songs, a good play area, a napping area, and more. The kids will also need a place to eat. You need diapers, snacks, highchairs, and more.

Get Forms:You will need to get good business forms for your clients to sign. They need to agree to your terms, as well as know their rights. You will also need forms for field trips. You might need a lawyer to help you put together good business contracts for your clients so you know that every possible situation is covered.

Set Up:You will need to set your business hours and your fees. You will also need to let your clients (parents) know what they need to bring for their kids and what is included in your fees. Advertise and start your in home daycare.


Create a daily routine for your kids and stick to it--kids do well with consistency.