How to Start a Boy Scout Troop

Start a Boy Scout Troop

How to Start a Boy Scout Troop. The Boys Scouts of America organization (BSA) has provided millions of boys with life skills, companionship and moral principles. Starting a new unit in your area requires a significant amount of time and effort but will reap many rewards for both future Boy Scouts and the community. Read this article for an outline of the general steps required to start a troop.

Choose a viable organization to support the unit, for example a school, church or community center that has a purpose complementary to the BSA mission and a member who has an affiliation with the Scouts. The organization must be in a location that has enough eligible boys and interest to start the new troop.

Approach the organization and gain its support for the new unit. The approach should be conducted by a group that includes the leader of the new troop, the organization member affiliated with BSA, another BSA representative who has an influential role in the community and a BSA district executive.

Appoint an organization committee, usually comprised of three to five people including some parents of potential scouts. Convene the committee and prepare initial plans for the new program. Become familiar with the mission of the Boy Scouts of America.

Recruit and train the new troop leaders and other volunteers.

Plan and organize the new troop program while following BSA guidelines designed for this specific purpose.

Recruit scouts. Reach out to children and their parents. Advertise at schools, churches, community centers and other local organizations.

Hold the first troop meeting where leaders, volunteers and scouts come together. Conduct a ceremony to present the charter for the new Boy Scouts of America troop.


Consult with BSA for official details and documentation required to start a new troop. Interested parents of potential scouts serve as the best resource for volunteers.


Scout leaders must complete a significant amount of training.