How to Solve a Wooden Snake Cube Puzzle

The wooden snake cube puzzle is made up of a long wooden chain of 27 "cubelets." By intricately bending, placing and building the cubelets on top of one another, you can create one solid cube. Each of the 27 cubelets is connected to one another with an elastic band on the inside to keep the cubes together, but still bendable. When finished, you'll have a 3-inch by 3-inch by 3-inch cube. Although this may seem as difficult as the Rubik's Cube, if you know the proper placement of the cubelets, you'll be able to solve the wooden snake cube puzzle in a matter of seconds.

Lay the wooden snake cube puzzle down in front of you. Working from right to left, the first three cubelets will be the bottom front base of the front side of the cube. To make this a bit easier to follow, each cubelet will be numbered -- 1 through 27. The first cubelet on the right will be 1, the cubelet in the middle will be 2 and the cubelet on the left will be 3.

Bend the snake so that cubelet number 4 is placed behind cubelet number 3 1. Move one space to the right so that cubelet number 5 is placed behind cubelete number 2.

Build the next two cubelets -- cubelets 6 and 7 -- up on cubelet number 5 to form a three-cubelet "tower" out or cublete 5, 6 and 7.

Bend the next three cubelets -- 8, 9 and 10 behind the first "tower" to create another three-cubelet tower out of cubelets 8, 9 and 10. Cubelet 8 should be directly behind cubelet 7; cubelet 9 should be in the middle of the tower, directly behind cubelet 6; and cubelet 10 should be on the bottom of the "tower," directly behind cubelet 5.

Bend the snake back to the left to place cubelet number 11 behind cubelet number 4.

Bend cubelet 12 on top of cubelet 11. Stack the next four cubelets on top of the bottom cubelets. This would mean cubelet 13 in stacked on top of cubelet 4, 14 on top of 3, 15 on top of 2, and cubelet 16 on top of cubelet 1.

Bend cubelet 17 around the right side of the cube. Then, bend cubelet 18 under 17. This would mean cubelet 17 is stacked on top of 18, with cubelet 18 to the right of cubelet 5 and 17 to the right of cubelet 6.

Lay cubelet 19 directly next to 18 to finish the base of the right side of the cube.

Stack cubelet 20 directly on top of 19, and then stack cubelet 21 on top of 20.

Bend the rest of the cubelets -- from right to left -- around the cube to solve the puzzle. This would mean that cubelet 22 is stacked on 17, cubelet 23 is stacked on 16, cubelet 24 is stacked on 15, cubelet 25 is stacked on 14, cubelet 26 is stacked on 13, and cubelet 27 is stacked on 12.