How to Solve the Six Cross Wooden Mind Teaser

The Six Cross wooden mind teaser is a classic game that can be incredibly frustrating, especially as it comes ready-made and falls apart as soon as it is taken out of the box. There is a certain amount of logic involved in solving the puzzle, with a couple of deliberate trap built into the game for you to fall into.

Solving the puzzle

Arrange the pieces. ‘The Key’ is the solid block and there is also the ‘C’ block and the ‘E’ or ‘3’ block. There is also another block similar to the ‘C’ block with an extra wedge cut out of it and the remaining two blocks are mirror images of each other.

Position the ‘C’ block horizontally and place the ‘E’ block at right angles in the groove at the right hand end so it looks like an off-centre cross.

Take one of the mirror image blocks and place it vertically in the grove furthest away from you connecting it with the ‘C’ and ‘E’ block.

Take the other mirror image block and fit it horizontally almost on top of the ‘C’ block, leaving the square hole in the middle groove towards the left hand side.

Place the other ‘C’ block with the wedge cut out vertically and slide it into the groove left between the other bricks, leaving the square tunnel unobstructed.

Slide ‘The Key’ into the remaining hole