Small Group Slumber Party Games for Teens

Your teen might want to have a slumber party where she can invite a lot of friends, but you know you cannot handle more than a handful of rambunctious teens at a time. Show your teen that with the right games and the right attitude, she can have a blast at her slumber party even with a small group.

Discussion Games

Have the teens play two truths and a lie. Each person must write down two facts about themselves that are true and something that is a lie. Ensure that the girls think of two truthful things that the others might not know about them. One at a time, the girls should read their three items. The teens must decide together which statement is a lie for each person. There is no winner, but the game usually reveals interesting and funny facts about each other. For another game, write down popular celebrities on index cards and tape them to the teen's foreheads. They must try to figure out which celebrity they are, but can only ask yes or no questions. Each person can only ask one question on their turn. Whoever is the first to figure out who they are wins, but the game continues until everyone gets it.

Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is ideal for a small group of teens. You can organize a sleepover-themed scavenger hunt, hiding items such as a pillow case, a karaoke microphone and a pajama set, with the top and bottoms hidden separately. The teens must work separately. Whoever finds all the items first wins a prize. You can make it harder for the teens by giving them a list of clues for each item, instead of just listing them. Make it spookier by turning off all the lights in the house and have the teens search for the items by flashlight only.


Take the teens into the kitchen for cooking challenge games. Challenge them to use any items in the refrigerator and pantry to make the most gourmet microwave meal ever. You could also challenge them to a cookie bake-off. Have the kids come equipped with a family recipe for "the best" cookies. Any younger siblings and the adults in the house will judge the cookies in a blind taste test and declare the ultimate winner.

Classic Sleepover Activities

Have a karaoke competition with the teens performing popular, current songs, or challenge them to sing oldies they might not be familiar with. The person who can tackle an oldie the best wins. To play crazy makeover, pick up cheap makeup from a drugstore and divide them into baskets based on type, such as:

  • lipsticks
  • blush
  • eyeshadow
  • powder

Pick bright, wild shades of makeup. One at a time, the teens are blindfolded and must pick out one item from each basket. Another teen then gets to give her a makeover using just that makeup. Have the girls participate in a makeover photo shoot when they are done.