Sleepover Games for 2 People

Almost all kids love sleepovers and, regardless of age, the thrill of hanging out and staying up late never seems to get old. For parents who want to keep the crowd small, preferring to let their child have just one person at a time spend the night, there are plenty of games to keep them entertained.

Mad Libs

Kids have been playing Mad Libs for generations, and you may recall the fun of putting two heads together to name adjectives, verbs and nouns, with no idea of what cleverly witty tale was about to be unveiled. The results never disappointed and were always hysterical.

Little do kids know, the joke is on them because Mad Libs serves the dual purpose of entertaining kids while reinforcing basic grammar and improving reading speeds.

Today, Mad Libs has gone virtual at such sites as and While you can still buy paperback editions, virtual sites have games suitable for all ages, and save money and paper.

Hide And Seek

Kids of all ages like Hide And Seek, and the best part is you only need two people to play. Add a flashlight and a walkie-talkie and your slumber party game has gone high tech 1. Have one person hide with a walkie-talkie, while the second person, who has the flashlight and the other walkie-talkie, starts counting. The person who is "It" gets to ask hiding hints via walkie-talkie and peer the flashlight into dark corners until the person hiding is revealed. Take turns hiding.

Blind Man's Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff is a great sleepover game for two people. All you need is a blindfold. Cover the eyes of one person with the blindfold, and they become the "blind man." The other person gets to run around the room while the "blind man" tries to tag them out. Switch sides when the person gets tagged. Make sure to set ground rules as to how far the runner can go, and decide in advance which furniture is off-limits in terms of climbing.