What Should a Teen Girl Pack for Camp?

If your daughter plans to attend camp this summer, you might be confused about what items are vital to pack and what your teen can do without 1. Look at literature from the camp or check the camp's website for instructions on what to bring and what's allowed, but some guidelines are pretty standard for sleep-away camps.


The clothes your teen will need for camp are straightforward, but extensive. She will need T-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, several bathing suits, sneakers and sandals. In case the weather is chillier than expected, a few pairs of jeans and a couple sweatshirts are also a good idea, as is a laundry bag to keep all those items in as they get dirty. Trout Lake Camps suggests a rain jacket for outdoor activities in inclement weather.


Your daughter might need a sleeping bag, blankets, sheets and a pillow. A caddy for her shampoo, soap and body washes is also helpful so she can easily transport her toiletries back and forth from the shower. Several towels, for swimming and for showering, are also a good idea. If she has long hair, hair ties or headbands can be helpful for keeping her hair out of her face. She will probably also need a sturdy backpack for hiking.


Your teen will need sunblock to protect her skin and sunglasses for camping, and moisturizer if she has dry skin. Bug repellant usually comes in handy, too.

Things to Keep in MInd

All of the items you buy for camp should be as inexpensive as possible, this way no one will be heartbroken if an item is lost, ruined or stolen. Tell her to avoid taking items that have sentimental value for the same reason. When planning your teen's camping trip, ask whether teens are allowed to do laundry, and if so when. If your teen won't be able to wash her clothes for two weeks, she will need many pairs of socks and underwear to get her through, for instance. Encourage her to take a journal to record her experiences at camp. While expensive cameras aren't a good idea, ask whether she'd like to take along a disposable, single-use camera or two, if it's allowed. Find out what the camp's policy is on spending money, too.

Not Allowed

Every camp has its own rules, but some items that are always frowned on. Teens should not bring alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco to camp. Fireworks and weapons are also prohibited items for teen camps. Many teens also ban cell phones and electrical items such as hair straighteners or blow dryers, according to Omega Teen Camp 1.