How to Sell Porcelain Dolls

Selling porcelain dolls can be a way to create some income--or lose money 2. Successfully selling porcelain dolls depends entirely on where you sell them 2. Selling the dolls at doll shows and craft fairs lets you offer them at a profitable rate 2. Selling dolls at flea markets and garage sales means you will have to offer the dolls at extremely low prices, potentially killing your profit margin 2.

Doll Shows

Clean and dress your dolls. Make sure they have a neat, sharp appearance.

Cut out a 2-inch by 2-inch piece of thick paper. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the top corner of the paper. Write important information about a specific doll on the paper. Include the creation date, manufacturer, doll name and price. Repeat the process for each doll.

Cut a piece of string and slip it through the hole in the tag. Tie the string loosely around the doll’s wrist so that anyone who buys it can cut the tag off without damaging the doll. Repeat the process for each doll.

Set up a folding table. Neatly lay a subtle and attractive tablecloth over the table. You need the tablecloth to be subtle so it adds a coordinated background to your doll display without looking cluttered or overwhelming.

Secure a doll in a doll stand and place it on the table so that it faces outward. Repeat process with the remaining dolls, leaving enough room between stands to keep the display looking sharp.


Clean and dress the doll. Secure the doll in a stand and place it against a blank background, such as a white tablecloth.

Use a camera with a flash to take a pictures of the front and back of the doll. Make sure the pictures are bright and clear.

Load the pictures on your computer and prepare them for your favorite auction/selling site. Include a complete list of information, including the doll’s price, name, creation year, creation company and size.


If you have a large selection of dolls to sell, create a stepped display table to make the back row of dolls sit higher than the front row. The easiest way to do this is to find a thick and flat piece of wood that’s the same length as your table. Fold a coordinated tablecloth around the wood and place it at the back of the covered table.


Keep any doll and stand at least 2 inches from the edge of the display table. This helps to prevent people from brushing against the doll as they walk past the display. Brushing against a doll can knock it off the table and cause it to shatter.