Secret Agent Activities for Kids

To become the best secret agent on the block, kids need training in negotiating obstacle courses to outmaneuver enemy spies. But that will only take them so far. They’ll have to master code writing and fake disguises, too. When your kids are ready to embark on their secret agent mission, put all their skills to the test.

Disguises and Spy IDs

Have kids go through closets, old clothing boxes and bathroom cabinets to search for items to use for disguises. Wigs, hats, sunglasses, scarves, trench coats, face paint, hairbands, bandanas and binoculars make great disguises. Invite kids to dress up in a few wacky disguises and take pictures of each secret identify. Print out four to five photos to make secret agent spy IDs, complete with code names and fingerprints.

Training Course

Set up a backyard secret agent training course 1. Use 2-by-6-inch boards or heavy logs for your child to practice balancing and walking over pretend canyons. Place cones or boxes around the yard and have kids run timed drills back and fourth over mine fields without triggering any explosions. Get a spray bottle or squirt gun and hide behind trees or other objects in the yard. When your kids run past during their training course, spray them with pretend sleeping gas. If hit, kids have to fall to the ground for a count of 10 while you steal their spy IDs and get away.

Invisible Ink Writing

Invite kids to read and write secret messages in invisible ink. Provide kids with 1/4 cup lemon juice, cotton swabs and blank white paper. Have kids practice writing messages with the lemon juice on the paper. After the messages dry, hold papers up to a light source such as a light bulb. The writing will turn brown with exposure to the light, revealing the secret message. For a twist, write messages in codes using numbers for each letter and symbols instead of words.

Top Secret Mission

Have kids use all their skills for a secret agent mission. Use the invisible ink trick explained above to write mission clues for kids. The first message might state something like,“Enemy spies have stolen our book of codes and the map to our country’s most valuable treasure. It is your job to retrieve the treasure without being taken hostage. Agent 'Dad' awaits Agents 'C. Me. No-More' and 'B. For Midnight' at the back of mine field forest with more information.” Kids then put on the correct disguise, grab their spy IDs and run through mine fields without getting hit by sleeping gas to retrieve their next clue. Have kids read and write messages, change into disguises and use all their secret agent training during the mission.