How to Remove Fabric From Eddie Bauer Car Seats

During the use of a car seat many different types of stains can occur, such as spills from food and drinks to the baby spitting, drooling or getting sick. Cleaning the fabric is a necessary part of caring for baby products, which significantly decreases bacteria from growing and multiplying. Be careful when removing the fabric to avoid ripping and creating holes where it is secured to the car seat.

Remove the car seat from the car and then begin the process of taking the fabric off. Having the car seat out of the car and in a location that gives you room to remove the fabric simplifies the task.

Remove the secure snaps that attach the fabric to the car seat. You may need pliers if they don't just pop off.

Turn the car seat over so that you are looking at the back. Remove the base and disconnect the center buckle from the car seat bottom, threading the buckle up and through the seat.

Slip off the elastic bands holding the bottom fabric in place and carefully slide it over the top of the car seat and off. To remove the fabric at the top of the car seat, repeat Steps 2 - 4.

Clean the fabric with warm water in the laundry detergent you use for your child's clothes and place in the dryer on a low setting or air dry. Before putting the fabric back on the car seat, use this time to wipe down all areas of the plastic, locks and harnesses.