Raising a Taurus Boy

By Marissa Meyer
Your son will really shine when he gets to play outside.
Your son will really shine when he gets to play outside.

Your little bull might give you a run for your money with his tendency to be stubborn and spirited, but you will also appreciate his laid-back disposition and zest for life. Dad may think your little guy's handsome charm is genetic, but it can also be chalked up to the alignment of the stars. Tauruses are born between April 20 and May 20, and are ruled by Venus, which is associated with beauty. As far as personality goes, Taurus toddlers are ruled by the senses. When he needs to be cuddled, fed, played with or soothed, you will know it, and everyone else around you may, too, if you aren't prepared.


Young Taurus boys love to eat, but they are notoriously stubborn and may refuse new food. Combine this trait with the fact that toddlers and preschoolers are inherently picky eaters, and meal time may be stressful in your house. Avoid trying to match wills with your little bull, because he is amazingly persistent and you may find yourself on the losing end of the battle. Instead, remain calm when introducing new foods and try to offer different variations of his tried and true favorites. Eventually, your little man's hearty appetite will probably win out over his refusal to branch out. Once he gets eating, take care to monitor his portion sizes, because Taurus boys tend to enjoy food more than exercise.

On the Move

Taurus is an earth sign, so your little guy is naturally drawn to the great outdoors. Your mini-Taurus will thrive well at the park, but may not always play nice with others. He has a possessive streak, and tends to show frustration with his hands and feet. Thankfully, he responds well to structure; therefore, it is important to come up with a list of rules and consequences for playtime naughtiness. When he can't be outside, your son may prefer to veg out in front of the TV. Keep your little couch potato on the go by assigning him simple chores around the house, such as helping load dishes into the dishwasher or holding the dustpan while you sweep.

Parental Relationships

You may have noticed from infancy that your little Taurus loves to cuddle and be held. As he grows into toddlerhood, this need for security may turn him into a Stage Five Clinger. To make sure your Taurus will be on track for tear-free school days, help him learn to be comfortable on his own during his toddler years. Leave him with babysitters on date nights, or let him spend a weekend at Grandma's while you take a weekend getaway. When you and your son are together, don't be afraid to indulge his need for snuggle time. He'll still grow up to be an independent young man, and meeting his needs now could help him be even more secure down the road.

Special Talents

Your little bull may be a natural musician. Nurture his abilities with age-appropriate drums, horns or singing games. You might also have a future accountant, because Tauruses tend to appreciate money--both saving and spending it. Young Tauruses often do well with a small allowance during the preschool years. Help him save some of his moola in a piggy bank, and treat him to small goodies with the rest. Due to his competitive nature and love of the outdoors, organized sports can be an important hobby. Look into recreational groups that may have activities such as soccer or kickball for preschoolers.

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