How to Put Hair on a Doll

One of the more complex tasks for doll makers is attaching hair to a doll's head. An attractive, realistic-looking hair configuration requires imitating the manner in which real hair is attached to the head. You need to use a layering technique.

Pull the hair out of the package in small locks, each about as thick as one of the doll's fingers. If you need to trim the hair to remove it from the package (some hairs come in one long bundle), make the strands long enough to stretch from the forehead along the back of the head and down to the desired length 1.

Dip one tip of each lock in glue; this will hold the hairs bundled together. Let the glue dry, or at least set.

Cover the doll's head with a thin coat of glue. The edges of the glued area should correspond with the doll's hairline.

Press the glued ends of some of the hair locks at the base of the scalp in a row, next to one another, letting the hair hang straight down the doll's back.

Glue a second layer of locks in a row above the first one. Leave a space between the rows about equivalent to the width of one of the doll's ears.

Add a third row of hair lined up with the top of the doll's ears.

Cover the top of the head with three rows of hair, with the final row lined up with the front edge of the hairline.

Let the glue set until it's sticky enough to hold the hair in place, but not yet dry. Hang the doll upside-down while the glue dries completely.

Trim the hair to the desired length. If you want to give the doll bangs, pull a few locks of hair over the face and trim it at the eyebrows.

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