Preschool Lesson on Forgiveness

Whether you are teaching a Sunday school class of preschoolers, a daycare group, or your own children, using object lessons or art activities will help reinforce the concept of forgiveness 3. Explain the importance of forgiving others or how God forgives wrongdoing. It just might be a lesson that helps them throughout the rest of their lives.

Puppet Show on Forgiveness

A powerful way to teach preschoolers about forgiveness is by putting on a puppet show. Two puppets discuss how the first puppet is angry because a friend broke his toy. He is having trouble forgiving his friend. The other puppet tells him the story of Joseph from the Bible about how his brothers sold him into slavery. Joseph forgave and helped his brothers later on.

Story and Art Activity

Teach preschoolers about why it's important to forgive using a story book and art activities. Read "Snail started it!" by Katja Reider, for example. The story, which involves farm animals as characters, is about how it feels to be hurt by others. Ask the children about someone who has hurt them. Have them draw a picture of someone who has hurt their feelings. Ask them to draw a picture of them choosing to forgive that person. Alternatively, use happy and sad faces to explore feelings related to forgiveness.

Chalkboard Lesson

Give each child a small chalkboard and some chalk. Demonstrate how to scribble and ask them to scribble away on their boards. Give them a chalk eraser and ask them to erase the scribbles. Explain how the scribbles are like the wrong things they do that God forgives and erases. You can also explain the scribbles as the bad feelings inside when they don't forgive someone who has hurt them and, when they forgive, the bad feelings disappear. They may take turns on a larger chalkboard if you don't have small chalkboards.

God Forgives

Teach a Sunday school class of preschoolers that God loves them and forgives their sins. Show the children an empty jar. Put dark strips of construction paper into the jar and put the lid on. Explain how the dark strips are like the wrong things people do. Take the dark strips out and place a white piece of construction paper in the shape of a cross in the jar. Explain how when Jesus lives in their hearts, their sins are forgiven.

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