Preschool Games for Pajama Night

While preschoolers might be a bit too young for a full-fledged sleepover, you can still invite your child's friends and their parents over for a fun pajama night in the early evening. Have the kids come over in their pajama-best and plan age-appropriate games with a pajama theme to keep them entertained.

Pillow Musical Chairs

Instead of chairs, place pillows in an oval shape, with one less pillow as you have children. Play preschool bed-time music and have the kids walk around the pillow. When the music stops, the kids must sit down on a pillow. Whoever doesn't have one is out for that round. Take a pillow away for each round until only two children are left with one pillow. Make each child who gets out the music controller to keep any temper tantrums at bay.

Bed Time Scavenger Hunt

Send the preschoolers on a scavenger hunt around the room looking for bed time and pajama party objects. Give the kids a list with pictures of the items to find. Hide items such as a pillowcase, socks, a pajama set, a teddy bear, tooth brush and toothpaste, and a blanket. You can divide the preschoolers into two teams to find the items.

Who's in the Sleeping Bag?

Send one child out of the room, then choose a child to hide in a sleeping bag. The first child returns to the room and gets two guesses to figure out who is in the sleeping bag based on who else is in the room. As a variation of this, you can have all the kids hide in their sleeping bag and have the child try to figure out who is who by tickling the sleeping bags and asking questions to get the kids to talk.

Mr. Bear

To play Mr. Bear, have one child lay on top of a sleeping bag pretending to be a sleeping bear. The other kids slowly advance on the bear, whispering in unison, "Mr. Bear, Mr. Bear are you awake?" When the kids get very close to the "bear" they yell "Mr. Bear, Mr. Bear are you awake?" The child then jumps up and chases the kids to the other side of the room. Anyone she tags becomes a hibernating bear with her for the next round. The game continues until everyone is a bear.